How-to Troubleshoot Broken Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems break. It’s an unfortunate reality. Parts age and wear, construction happens, the earth shifts and the cold weather breaks things. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what happened or even where it’s broken. In these videos you’ll find out how to troubleshoot problems with your irrigation system. Whether the poly pipe got severed in the ground, a rotor sprinkler stopped turning or you have a dry area of lawn, we’ll help you determine the problem.

Once you’ve finished troubleshooting your irrigation system and diagnosed the problem, it’s time to repair it. In the videos below, you will also learn how-to repair your sprinkler system from professionals with over 35 years of experience in the irrigation industry. Learn how to change a sprinkler, adjust a nozzle, add a zone or automate your manual sprinkler system. Use the search bar below the playlist to find a specific video.