Sprinkler Repairs & Troubleshooting

The horror!
Brown spots on your lawn, a geyser of water shooting up into the air, a leaking sprinkler manifold, and sprinklers that are watering the street instead of the grass.

Irrigation systems can break and deteriorate over the years.  Whether the cause is from aging parts, an overly-aggressive shovel, ground movement, a particularly harsh winter, or is a complete mystery, a broken sprinkler system can result in damage to your landscape, wasted water, and even property flooding!

But don’t panic!  The team here at SmartIrrigation.com is happy to share their 35 years of experience in hunting down even those hard to find sprinkler problems, troubleshooting them to find their source, and repairing them so that your irrigation system can be back to running at peak effectiveness.  In the following articles you’ll find out how to troubleshoot and repair everything from underground line breaks to broken rotor sprinklers to a dry area of lawn!