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Your garden, flowers, trees, and lawn are all great ways to enjoy your summer and create new memories!  As you grow and care for your landscape, one of the biggest considerations, of course, is water.

Smart Irrigation means using science, planning, and proper equipment to nurture your landscape with the water it needs while saving you time and money - and actually saving water as well!

Our goal here at is to help home owners, garden enthusiasts, and landscape professionals do irrigation, lawn care, and plant care smarter, easier, and right! 

The following is a collection of interesting and carefully crafted articles and videos that simplify the science, share our experience, and recommend the right products to help bring Smart Irrigation home!


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Created by someone just as passionate about Smart Irrigation as you are, Chris Okkerse wanted to share his 35+ years of experience with landscape irrigation to help others save time, money, and most importantly water!

Through his passion for smart irrigation, has grown to include contributions from multiple irrigation technicians, tech gurus, and a few special guests that, together, are working to make proper irrigation, lawn care, and plant care easy and accessible to the public.

We have big plans for!  But we are taking our time to make sure that the information we are sharing is the absolute best advice available. 

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